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Several sample projects are included to demonstrate some of the ways that Visual Build can be used.  Use the samples as a pattern for creating your own automated builds.  See the Visual Build FAQ for additional samples and answers to common questions.


The samples are installed in the Samples subdirectory within the Visual Build installation path (accessible from the Windows Start Menu under Visual Build Professional 10 -> Samples).  The details for each step can be viewed by displaying the step properties dialog for the step.  For fields containing macros, hold the mouse over that field to view the expanded value.  Viewing the project macros can also be instructive.  When building a project, the build output is displayed in the lower Output pane.


Note: Some of the samples require administrator rights (Visual Build must be explicitly run as administrator on Windows Vista/2008/7) in order to build successfully.


SampleActions Demonstrated
Advanced.bldLog Message, Run Program, Run Script, Set Macro, Subroutine Call, Wait, Write File, Loop
Chain.bldVisBuildPro Project
Embarcadero.bldMake Delphi / C++Builder / RAD Studio
Files.bldBurn CD/DVD, Copy Files, FTP, Rename Files, Replace in File, Write INI, Set Macro, Write File, Loop, Read INI
Logging.bldSet Macro, Write File, Log Message, Transform XML Log
Network.bldFTP, HTTP, Newsgroup Post, Telnet, Send Mail
Prompt.bldLog Message, Run Script, Set Macro
Recurse.bldFTP, Process Files, Run Program, ZIP Files, UNZIP Files
RegEdit.bldLog Message, Set Macro, Write File, Write Registry, Read Registry
Script.bldProcess Files, Run Script
SingleInstance.bldDelete Files, Exit, Write File
Server.bldADO, COM+ Application, COM+ Component, Copy Files, Run Script, Run SQL, Service, Write File
XML.bldLog Message, Run Script, Loop, Read XML, Write XML


Version Control folder

ContinuousIntegration.bldSubroutine Call, Wait, VisBuildPro Project, SourceSafe, Perforce, Set Macro, Run Script, Loop
Perforce.bldPerforce, Copy Files
PVCS.bldPVCS, Write File, Create Folder
StarTeam.bldRun Program


Visual Studio folder

GetProjVer.bldGet VS.NET Version, Get VS6 Version
SourceSafe.bldCopy Files, SourceSafe
Team System.bldTeam Foundation, Team Build, Team Test
TDD.bldNAnt, NDoc, NUnit
VStudio.bldCOM Register, Make VC6, Make VB6, Make VS.NET, Send Mail, SourceSafe


Miscellaneous folder

SaveStatus.bldLog Message, Run Script
TestVFP.bldRun Script
WebLauncherLaunching a build from a web page front-end


Some sample projects are also provided to demonstrate advanced uses of Visual Build:


User-Defined Action Samples
ObjectModel Samples
VBPLogger Sample
VisBuildPro samples