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VisBuildPro Samples

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The projects in the Samples\VisBuildPro folder are used to build Visual Build.  They use a custom GUI front-end, several custom actions, and also demonstrate some advanced build techniques.


The VisBuildPro.bld sample uses subroutines and conditional build rules to dynamically include/exclude parts of the build.  Defaults are defined by several project macros.  These macros are used in build rules in the project to determine which steps get built or skipped.  The project is modularized by subroutines, some that call other subroutines.


The BuildLauncher C# project (BuildLauncher\BuildLauncher.csproj) prompts for the inputs needed for the build (defining appropriate defaults) and launches VisBuildPro.bld with the values that the user selects.


Other capabilities, such as updating VC6 build directories in the registry, conditionally building a group of steps by comparing the size/timestamp of two files, and using the Process Files, FTP, and Telnet actions, are also demonstrated.


The Backup.bld sample demonstrates backing up application configuration data, registry keys, and performing an incremental backup of files that have changed since last copied.