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Logging.bld Sample

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Demonstrates the use of script events to delete an XML log file at the start of a master project and to disable and re-enable file logging during a build, using project-level file logging, sending an XML log file (requires closing tags to be added), converting an XML log file to an HTML log report, and showing the log file.  The XML steps will only be performed if logging format option is set to XML.


The LOGFILE project macro overrides the application-wide settings to create a project-specific log file.



To make the build log file accessible to other users, simply map an IIS or other web server virtual directory to the path containing the log or HTML files, and the log files can be accessed via any web browser.
It is recommended that any active scanning anti-virus software be disabled on the build box, as this can interfere with Visual Build writing to its log file (and also slows down builds).