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Transform XML Log Action

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The Transform XML Log action creates a step to:

Close the log tags in an XML log file (for attaching to an email during a build)
Convert an XML log file into another format, such as an HTML build report or RSS feed, with optional filtering of builds and step output
Apply an XSLT stylesheet to any XML document
Format (indent) an XML document


Note: The Logging.bld sample demonstrates using this action (enable XML logging in application options).


When this action is built, the following logic is executed:

1) If the Close tags field is checked and if there are any missing step, build, or logs tags, the log file is copied and the closing tags added to the copy (the copy is deleted after the action finishes unless no stylesheet was specified).

2) If an XSLT stylesheet was specified,

2a) If any custom filtering was specified on the Filter tab, the values are passed to the stylesheet (via its param tags).

2b) The stylesheet is applied to the input document and written to the output file.  If the default stylesheet is used for an XML log file, an HTML document is generated containing the specified build output and including summary and detail sections.

3) If Format (indent) is checked, the input file is formatted (indented).

4) If Display output file is checked, the output file is launched in the associated viewer (based on the file's extension).


Transform tab


Filter tab


Parameters tab



This action requires that the MSXML parser (version 3.0 or later) be installed in order to generate its output (unless no XSLT stylesheet is specified).
It is recommended that any active scanning anti-virus software be disabled on the build box, as this can interfere with Visual Build writing to its log file (and also slows down builds).