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ClearCase.bld Sample

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Demonstrates integrating the ClearCase source control product into the build process.


A demo VOB and two demo views are created (named VBP_DEMO_VOB, VBP_DEMO_VIEW and VBP_DEMO_BUILD_VIEW respectively) and a small Visual Studio solution is loaded into the VOB using the first view.  Using the 2nd "build" view, some typical build steps are demonstrated (checkout, checkin, label, update, etc).  Finally the demo VOB and views are removed.


Note: Since ClearCase/ClearCase LT are client/server systems, a completely isolated server is not used and demo data will be loaded onto your ClearCase server when this build is executed.  While using a demo VOB should eliminate any conflict with your existing data, please use caution when executing this demo.


Note: This sample project is located in the Version Control subfolder of the Samples path.