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Set Macro Action

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This action creates a step which sets or deletes a Visual Build macro.  When the step is built, the specified macro will be created/updated or deleted.


Name: The name of the macro to update.


Delete the macro: If checked, the macro will be deleted.  If the macro does not exist, the step will do nothing.


Value: The value to assign to the macro.



Bracket characters [ and ] normally denote a script expression to be inserted into a field; to insert literal brackets, use two bracket characters [[ or ]].
The percent sign character % is normally used around a macro name for its value to be expanded within the field; to insert a literal percent character, use two percent characters %%.
Ctrl+C copies the value without expanding macros or script.  To copy the value with all macros expanded, type Ctrl+M.  Ctrl+Shift+M copies with macros and expanded and with script expressions evaluated.
Ctrl+Enter inserts a new line into the edit control.


Description: The description to assign to the macro.


Category: A category to group the macro in when displayed in the macros pane.


Don't expand macros and script: If checked, any macros, script expressions, or double (literal [, ], and/or %) characters in the Value field will not be evaluated at the time the macro is set; instead they be evaluated whenever the new macro is referenced during the build.


Add to environment variables: Determines whether the macro will be added/updated (or removed if deleting) as an environment variable for the current build process and external programs that are run after the macro has been created/updated or deleted.


Encrypt macro value: Determines whether the macro value will be encrypted when displayed and when stored in the project file.


Macro Type: Specified the type of macro that will be created.


Note: See the Advanced, Prompt, and Logging samples for examples of the Set Macro action.