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FTP Action

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The FTP action creates a step to copy, move, delete, list, or synchronize files and folders to or from an FTP, FTPS or SFTP server.  It supports secure transfers, processing of subdirectories, incremental copying (copying only files that have changed since previous copy), synchronization of folders (by purging extra files from the destination folder), deleting of files, including and excluding files and folders via file masks, configurable logging of operations, a debug mode to only display the files that would be processed, and more.


When the step completes, the following temporary macros are created or updated:

FTP_TRANSFER_COUNT = The number of files that were successfully transferred or listed

FTP_TRANSFER_SIZE = The total size (in bytes) of all transferred or listed files

FTP_DELETE_COUNT = The number of files deleted when synchronizing

FTP_HOST_FINGERPRINT = The host key fingerprint (for SFTP connections only)


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Note: See the Network sample for an example of the FTP action.