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Subroutine Call Action

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Creates a step to call a project or global subroutine.  Subroutines provide a way to modularize build projects.


Subroutine to call: Name of the subroutine step to call (required).  This can be any step at the root level on the Subroutine steps or Global subroutine steps tab.  The drop-down list is populated with the list of available subroutine names.  Names are matched without case sensitivity.


Parameter Name: Names of parameters to pass to the subroutine.  A temporary macro will be created for each parameter when the subroutine is called and can be used anywhere within the subroutine.  Subroutine steps can reference any macro name, not just those defined in this list, but this provides a convenient way to quickly define macros to pass to the subroutine steps.  When a subroutine returns, all the temporary macros defined for calling that subroutine will be popped (deleted if there was previously no macro with the name or updated to its original value if it did exist previously).


Parameter Value: Values of parameters to pass to the subroutine.


Enter a macro name and its value in the edit fields, and click Insert to add to the list.  Select an item in the list to update its value or delete it from the list.


Expand macros in parameters: If checked, any macros referenced in the value fields (on both tabs) will be expanded before the subroutine is called.  If unchecked, the macros will not be expanded until the parameter macro is referenced within the subroutine.


Note: See the Advanced and XML samples for examples of the Subroutine Call action.