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WebLauncher Sample

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This is a sample ASP.NET 2.0 (and 1.1) web project that can be used for performing builds on a remote computer.  The web page prompts for the project file to build, whether to wait for completion (build synchronously and log build output to web page or return immediately after starting build), and any macros to pass to the project, and then starts the specified build on the computer hosting the ASP.NET web app.  This sample can be tweaked to provide custom inputs for specific builds, etc.



The sample projects are located in the Misc\WebLauncher subfolder of the Samples path.
The code in the WebLauncher folder is the ASP.NET v2.0 version, and the NET1.1 subfolder contains the ASP.NET v1.1 version.
The Setup.bld project can be built to create a virtual directory for the project and build the project -- it must be run as an (elevated) administrator user on Windows Vista and later.
The identity element in the web site's web.config file must be configured with an appropriate impersonation account username and password having the necessary rights to perform a build.