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Service Action

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This action creates a step to manage a Windows service on the local computer or another computer on the network.  Select or enter the computer name (or enter blank for the Computer for the local computer) and service name and choose the operation to perform.  The service name can be the display name as shown in the Name column of the Services management console or the short service name (when creating a service, enter the short name in this field).


When the step completes, the following temporary macros are created or updated for the Query status operation:

SERVICE_STATUS: Holds the service status (1 = stopped, 2 = start pending, 3 = stop pending, 4 = running, 5 = continue pending, 6 = pause pending, 7 = paused).

SERVICE_START_TYPE: Holds the service startup type (0 = boot, 1 = System start, 2 = Automatic, 3 = Manual, 4 = Disabled).


Service tab


Properties tab


Properties (More) tab




See the Server.bld sample for a project utilizing this action.
To access services on a remote computer, the Remote Procedure Call service on the remote computer must be started.  Your network configuration may also need to be adjusted to allow access through Windows Firewall.