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Team System.bld Sample

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Demonstrates integrating the Team Foundation, Team Test, and Team Build into the build process.


A demo workspace is created (named: ComputerName + '_DEMO'), and a small Visual Studio solution (including a simple C# application and test project) is added to your Team Foundation repository via this workspace.  Typical build steps are demonstrated (add, checkout, checkin, label, status, etc).  Finally, the demo files and workspace are deleted.


Note: A completely independent Team Foundation repository is not created in this demo, meaning that demo data will be loaded into your live Team Foundation server.  While the use of a demo workspace (which is defined to use a temp path in a temp folder) should eliminate any conflict with your existing data, please use caution when executing this demo.  Also be advised that once files are added to a Team Foundation repository, they are "always there" (they are never truly deleted).  Please keep this in mind when using this demo.


Note: This sample project is located in the Visual Studio subfolder of the Samples path.