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Step Properties Dialog

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The Step Properties dialog can be used to add new steps to a project or modify existing steps. For new steps, it is accessed by double-clicking an action on the Actions pane or by choosing Insert on the Edit menu (if the related option to edit via the properties pane when inserting is unchecked).  For an existing step, it is accessed from the Properties button on the toolbar or the Properties Dialog item on the View menu.  Multiple steps can be selected and edited simultaneously.  If all steps have the same action, all the property tabs will be displayed, otherwise only the General tab will be available.  All properties that are modified will be updated in all selected steps (the initial dialog will show the properties of the first selected step). When the mouse cursor is held over a property, its expanded value will be shown in a tool tip.


The step action is displayed in the dialog caption.  Each step contains General and General (More) tabs for standard properties and may contain additional tabs specific to the action for that step.


General Tab


More Tab


Buttons on the Dialog



Note: Bracket characters [ and ] and the percent sign character % within step fields have special meaning in a step field.