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COM+ Application Action

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This action creates a step to manipulate COM+ applications.  It supports creating, modifying, deleting, starting, and shutting down applications.



See the Server.bld sample for a project utilizing this action.
This action requires a Windows 2000 (or newer) install with COM+ installed.
By default, this action is not displayed (existing steps will still be displayed in the Step panes and will build normally).  To show all hidden actions, right-click in the Actions pane and choose Show Hidden.


Application tab


Operation: The operation to perform, which can be Create/Modify, Delete, Shutdown, or Start (required).  Create/modify can be used to create a new application or update the properties of an existing application.


Computer: The computer whose Component Services catalog will be updated (optional).  Use blank or My Computer for the local computer, or select or enter a remote computer name (the list is prepopulated with all computers that have been added to the Component Services console on the local computer).


Application: The application name to create or modify (required).  The list is prepopulated with all existing applications on the local computer if the Computer field is empty or equal to My Computer; click the Refresh button to refresh the list from a remote computer name in the Computer field.


An asterisk (*) is this field will update all applications on the computer.  If * is specified, delete will attempt to delete all matching applications marked as Deleteable (except the COM+ Explorer application, which can't be deleted but is marked Deleteable); Shutdown and Startup will try to shutdown or start all Server applications.


A regular expression can be entered to match multiple applications.


Activation type: The type of application.


Username: The identity that the application process will run under (required).  Enter Interactive User to use the interactive user, or enter a username or domain\username in this field.


Password: The password for the user (optional).


Server process shutdown: Whether to leave the server running when idle or how long to wait before shutting down an idle server process.


Note: The Identity and Server process shutdown option are only meaningful for Server applications.


Note: See the Server.bld sample for a project utilizing this action.



Properties tab


This tab can be used to set additional properties of the application.  See the MSDN help topic on the Applications collection for the list of available properties and values.


Roles tab