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Exit Action

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The Exit action creates a step that jumps to the end of a build, exits a loop, or returns from a subroutine or failure steps.


Exit Status: The step build status to exit with:

Success: If the Exit step is located in the main project steps, the build will complete without building any additional steps.  If the Exit step is located in a call to a subroutine, the build will return from the subroutine without processing any additional steps, and any later steps after the Subroutine Call step will be built.  If the Exit step is located in Failure steps, the build will return from the failure subroutine or failure steps without processing any additional steps.
Failure: Causes the step and build (unless ignoring failure) to fail (if the step is configured to build failure steps, the failure steps will be built).
Cancel: Causes the build to stop as if the user had stopped the build manually (failure steps are not built).


Message: A message to be logged before exiting (displayed in the Output pane and logged to a file if file logging is enabled).


Exit loop or repeating build rule: If checked, within a repeating Loop, Process Files group, or build rule, exits the loop instead of the entire build or subroutine.


Note: See the SingleInstance sample for an example of the Exit action.