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Server.bld Sample

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Sample demonstrating:

Configuring a COM+ application
Initializing an IIS virtual directory and deploying files
Stopping and starting services (local and remote)
Building a project on a remote server
Performing database operations using OSQL and ADO


The remote steps require that Visual Build be installed on multiple computers, and the appropriate security permissions configured.  The samples download and use the PsExec utility from SysInternals if not available in the System directory.


The SQL Server steps demonstrate how Visual Build can be used to call a script to update a SQL Server database, but the script it calls doesn't exist and needs to be created and the step updated to point to a valid database.  SQL scripts can be used to generate the tables, stored procedures, etc., and to populate tables with data.  See the SQL Server Books Online for more details on using OSQL.


This ADO steps demonstrate executing SQL statements and queries on an Access database using ADO.  It creates a table to a sample database, adds rows, queries the table's data, and uses the query results in later build steps.  Similar steps could also be used for connecting to various other types of databases and servers (Active Directory, ODBC, Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, etc.).