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Vault / Fortress Action

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The Vault / Fortress actions create a step to automate access to the SourceGear Vault / Vault Professional / Fortress version control / bug tracking system.  This action provides several screens for configuring repository commands. See Vault.bld for sample usage.


When the step is built, this action invokes the Vault / Fortress command-line client executable to perform the requested operation and captures its output.


Server Tab


Command Tab


Flags Tab


Options and Version 1 Tabs


Advanced Tab


Remote Tab


This action has been tested with Vault versions 1 through 10 and Fortress versions 1 and 2 and may work with other versions as well.  For more details on the available commands and flags, see the Vault / Fortress documentation or create a Vault / Fortress action with a command of help (leave the Repository field blank to get a list of all commands, or for Vault versions 2.0+, enter the command to get help on in the Repository field).



See the Vault.bld sample for a project utilizing this action.
See the ContinuousIntegration.bld sample for a sample of incorporating Vault / Fortress into continuous integration builds.
By default, the Fortress action is not displayed (existing steps will still be displayed in the Step panes and will build normally).  To show all hidden actions, right-click in the Actions pane and choose Show Hidden.