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Chain.bld Sample

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This sample shows how to call another Visual Build project, passing different temporary macro values.  It calls the RegEdit.bld sample to create/update registry values.  Build the project, and view the registry values.  Then check the second step and build the project, and the values will change.  Build the third step and the values will be deleted.


When built in the GUI App and single-stepped (F10), the chained projects will also be single-stepped for easy debugging.


If the project is built with the Console app:

"C:\Program Files\VisBuildPro9\VisBuildCmd.exe" "C:\Program Files\VisBuildPro9\Samples\Chain.bld"

The chained project will also be launched in another Console app instance.


The next set of steps demonstrate using the Visual Build action with a Process Files action to build all .bld files except the current one.


The last section shows how to set up parallel builds for performing multiple build operations (which don't depend on each other) simultaneously, then continuing with the main build after all parallel portions have completed:

1.The master build launches two child builds from a VisBuildPro Project step marked to not wait for completion.
2.The master build contains a Wait step so that the rest of the build will not continue until all parallel builds have completed.