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Perforce Action

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The Perforce action creates a step to perform a command on a Perforce / Helix Core version control depot.  It automates much of the initialization of command-line parameters for the Perforce / Helix Core command-line tool and also adds extra pre- and post-processing and submitting of form information for many actions.


When the step is built, the Perforce / Helix Core command-line executable (P4.exe) call is constructed based on the inputs and invoked to perform the requested command, and all output is captured to the Output pane and log file if logging is enabled.  The path containing P4.exe must be included in the PATH environment variable so that it can be located (this is normally done automatically during installation).  Additional pre- and post- processing also will be performed for many operations (see the comments below for details).  Some options do not apply to all commands and will be excluded from the generated command-line.  See the Perforce.bld sample for sample usage, and view the Perforce / Helix Core manual for more details on the available commands and options.


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This action has been tested with versions 2002 thru 2019 of Perforce / Helix and may also work with other versions.



See the Perforce.bld sample for a project utilizing this action.
See the ContinuousIntegration.bld sample for a sample of incorporating Perforce into continuous integration builds.