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Item Menu

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The Item menu contents:


Menu Actions

Action Descriptions

Go To

When Info Items in the Related Items Pane or Item Parents Pane are selected, this will navigate to the same Info Item in the Data Explorer Pane


If the carrot is not the same as the selection, make that Info Item the selection.  It will always refresh the Dependent Panes on this selection.

Open in New Tab

Opens the selected item in a new tab.

Open in New Instance

Opens the selected item in a new instance of Ultra Recall.


Locks the item to prevent deleting or editing details and attributes.


Display the Flag sub-menu

[Flag sub-menu]

Click the flag you want to assign to the selected Info Items


Display the Item Keywords Dialog

Keyword Selected Text

Creates a manual keyword or tag for the selected text


Reload Document and Folder Template Group Info Items from their original source (the URL Attribute location)

Store Contents

Toggle the Store Contents state of applicable Info Items

Open Document

Open the selected Info Item's stored document in the associated external editor/viewer (open linked document if Shift held down)

Edit Internally/Web Page/Text

Switch back to editing internally when editing an Info Item document externally or begin editing the current web page or highlighted rich text item internally

Open Shortcut

Launch the selected URL/filename (in the Internal Browser View, the URL Attribute in the Item Attributes Pane, in rich text, etc).  If clicked while holding the Shift key, it will be launched externally.  If no URL/filename is selected, the page will be launched externally.

Open Containing Folder

Opens the Windows folder containing the selected Info Item (internally if *folder is in the internal browser view list, hold the Shift to force it to open externally in Explorer)

Show Explorer Menu

Show the Windows Explorer context menu for the selected Info Item's stored document for external editing (or context menu for linked document if Shift held down)

Create Desktop shortcut

Create a desktop shortcut to the selected Info Item in this Info Database

Copy Item Command-Line

Copies the command-line to launch the Info Item in this Info Database


Splits the selected text item into separate items on the separator text configured in Import options


Joins the selected text items into a single item, appending the separator text configured in Import options

Add Reminder

Adds the required + typical attributes used to define a Reminder on the selected Info Items

Rename To

Provides options for renaming the selected Info Item to the selected text, date, time or date+time.


Note: The Flag menu item can be "torn off" (by dragging and dropping the top part of the menu) and converted to a toolbar.