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Data Explorer Pane

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The Data Explorer Pane is the part of Ultra Recall that displays and manages the relationships between Info Items.  To go to the Data Explorer pane, select View | Data Explorer on the menu or press Ctrl+1.


This pane is a Selection Pane, which provides access to one of Ultra Recall's innovations, Logical Linking.


For most users, the Data Explorer Pane will be the most frequently used part of Ultra Recall.  The Data Explorer Pane is the organizational center of Ultra Recall, where you can:

Maintain the unlimited relationships between Info Items using Logical Linking
Browse your information hierarchically
Rearrange, drop, paste, or initiate new Info Items into an Ultra Recall Info Database
Remove obsolete Info Items


Here is an example of data displayed in the Data Explorer Pane:




Almost any content, including URLs, text, emails, etc can be dropped or pasted into the Data Explorer Pane to create new Info Items.


Hoisting can be used to display only a subset of the entire tree within the Data Explorer pane.


How to access:

Menu Bar: View | Data Explorer
Keyboard: Ctrl+1


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