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Info Item

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An Info Item represents a single complete entity of information stored in Ultra Recall.


Examples of information that can be an Info Item in Ultra Recall:

email message
web page
Microsoft Word document
PDF file
some formatted text (rich text)
a task
a project
a recipe
text file
JPEG image
a contact
browser bookmark


Info Items can be linked together, and these relationships are maintained in the Data Explorer Pane.  When an Info Item has other Info Items linked to it, these Info Items are referred to as Child Items.  The Info Item(s) that an Info Item is linked to are referred to as Parent Items.  When an Info Item is selected in the Data Explorer Pane, the related Child Items are displayed in the Related Items Pane (with a Child Items caption), and its Parent Items are displayed in the Item Parent Pane.


Each Info Item contains multiple Attributes, which are single characteristics of the Info Item.  These Item Attributes are viewed and edited in the Item Attributes Pane.


Each Info Item has a unique ItemID System Attribute.  Note: Some system attributes are not displayed by default (which are configured in the Attributes Options dialog).


Each Info Item can have Item Notes assigned, which allows you to annotate any Info Item with formatted text, without changing the primary information of them.


Each Info Item is based on a Template Item.  The Template Item for each Info Item is displayed and edited via the Template Item Attribute in the Item Attributes Pane.


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