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Document Template

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The Document Core Template is defines Info Items that reference any type of document.  Any Info Item based on a Template in the Document Template Group has a URL Attribute which can be populated with the location of the referenced document.


There are many ways to create an Info Item based on the Document template:

Drag & drop or copy and paste files or folders from Windows Explorer to the Data Explorer Pane
The Explorer Send To menu
Import web page content from Internet Explorer or Firefox
The Import Wizard


The URL Attribute itself is edited in the Item Attributes Pane, and the content of the document itself is viewable/editable* in the Item Details Pane.


If the Store Contents button is depressed (and a valid value is provided in the URL Attribute), the actual contents of the related document are stored within the Ultra Recall Info Database.


* only editable if an appropriate editor is available for the displayed document.


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