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Creating Reminders

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Info Item Reminders are based on the assignment (and population) of the following Attributes (in the Item Attributes Pane):






Value assigned determines how much in advance of the actual Begin Date user notification occurs

Begin Date


Value determines when the Info Item is due

Begin Time


When provided, this value is combined with the Begin Date (or today if not provided) to fully specify the Begin Date value

Pending Reminder


This read-only System Attribute displays when the reminder will actually be displayed (derived from the appropriate Attribute values)



When this attribute has a value assigned, when the Reminder is dismissed**, the Begin Date will be advanced by the increment specified (ie. Daily, Weekday, Monthly, etc), causing the Reminder to "reset" for a future reminder notification

End Date


When assigned/populated, a Reminder won't Recur (advance)** until this End Date value has been past

End Time


When provided, this value is combined with the End Date value to fully specify the End Date value


* Populating either (or both) of the Begin Date or Begin Time attributes will define a "Begin Date" value

** If an End Date attribute value is assigned, then a Reminder won't advance until after this date/time is past.


Inserting a Reminder attribute in the Item Attributes Pane will add other relevant attributes to the selected Info Items, facilitating adding the attributes and appropriate values necessary to define a new reminder.  Inserting a Recurring attribute will do the same, facilitating the creation of a recurring reminder.


One button reminder creation: An Item menu entry called Add Reminder (default keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+R) will also add the required attributes to define a Reminder is provided.  This method is available in every pane of Ultra Recall and automatically focuses the Item Attributes Pane for Reminder data completion.

By default the reminder attributes are assigned to the Appointment template, and can optionally be assigned to other templates if desired, facilitating reminder creation on specific types of Info Items.


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