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Any Info Item can reference an external document or folder with the URL attribute.  If a valid URL is specified, the information for the document in Ultra Recall can be Synchronized with this external document or folder (including the actual file if the contents are stored).


What Synchronization Is


Any Info Item which has a URL attribute populated with a valid URL to a local file/folder or Outlook object can be Synchronized with the referenced object (by choosing Item | Synchronize on the menu bar), which could be a web page, a local file or folder, or an Outlook object or folder.  You can easily create Info Items referencing these external files and objects using a variety of methods, including drag & drop, copy & paste, the Import Wizard or direct entry of a URL value.  The Info Item and the referenced external "object" can be considered a "matched pair."  At the time of import, the two are in sync with each other.  Once one of the matched pair is modified, they are no longer in "sync," and the one last modified is the "newest" or "current" object.


Synchronizing Info Items in Ultra Recall is the process of reconciling these "matched pairs" so they are again in sync with each other.  This includes updating any text, relevant attribute values, and optionally the stored content of the Info Item.  The "newest" or "current" object in the pair is used to update the other.


In other words, if the object referenced by an Info Item's URL attribute has been updated more recently, when that Info Item is synced, the Info Item will be updated (re-imported) into Ultra Recall to match the changes.  If the Info Item itself has last been updated, the changes made in Ultra Recall will be made (if possible) to the external object referenced by the Info Item's URL attribute.  Local files and folders and Outlook objects such as Appointments, Contacts, Tasks and Emails are fully supported for Synchronization.


For Search Info Items, the URL attribute must reference a local or Outlook folder and the process is unidirectional.  See Search Synchronization for more details.


The Criteria Used


The Modified date of Info Items and external objects is used by Ultra Recall to determine which is "newest" or "current."  Each Info Item with a URL attribute and the object referenced by the value is "matched pair."  The object with the latest Modified date is considered "current" and is used as the "master" for the Synchronization process (the other is updated from this "master").


Synchronizing an Info Item with a URL attribute value of a local or Outlook folder will do the Synchronization process described above for children Info Items and the external folder's items that have not yet been imported in Ultra Recall.  The default import options set is used for this Sync process, with the exception of the Create logically linked items for duplicate URLs import option, which will always be used when a folder is Synchronized, regardless of the how the option is configured.


Synchronizing new Ultra Recall Info Items (no matched external object)


When an Info Item without a populated URL attribute is Synchronized, if it is a child of an Info Item containing a valid local or Outlook folder URL, the Info Item will be created in this external folder.  In all other cases, the existing content and attributes are simply re-parsed for keywords.


Note: When Info Items linked to Outlook objects or local files are permanently Deleted using Shift+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Del, the corresponding external objects are also deleted to the Outlook "Deleted Items folder" / Windows Explorer "Recycle Bin" respectively.  This provides an easy way to completely remove Info Item(s) and their related external object(s) in a single step from within Ultra Recall. If the Info Item(s) are first deleted to the Ultra Recall Recycle Bin, permanently deleting the Info Item(s) will NOT delete the corresponding external files/objects.


Ways to access:

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+F5

Menu Bar: Item | Synchronize


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