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Editing Web Pages Internally

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Web pages that have been imported into Ultra Recall can be edited, as well as viewed, within Ultra Recall:

1.Ensure that .htm;.html;.mht is included in the File extensions to display in internal browser view file extension list in Browser Options.
2.Ensure that .htm;.html;.mht is also included in the File extensions to open stored documents writeable file extension list in Document Options.


Note: You may need to restart Ultra Recall after updating these options. Linked web pages must be non-read-only in order to edit internally, and only local files (not pages on web sites) can be edited within Ultra Recall.


To edit a stored or linked web page item internally, select it and choose Item | Edit Web Page on the menu bar or enable the option for automatic editing of web pages.  While editing, elements on the web page can be selected, deleted, moved, text can be formatted, styled, bulleted, colored, typed, etc., using the Format Toolbar and Format menu bar.  To exit edit mode, choose View | Refresh on the menu.
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