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Search Options

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The Search tab of the Options dialog contains several settings that affect search features.



Automatically start saved search when search item selected: If checked, Ultra Recall will automatically start Search Info Items when they are selected (single select only).


Select first match after search completes: If checked, the first matching search item or text will be selected after the search finishes.


Note: If both this and the previous option are checked, it is not possible to edit the search criteria unless the search is canceled before it finishes.


Focus Search Results pane after search completes: If checked, the Search Results pane will be focused after the search finishes.


Highlight matches: If checked, search terms in the item text (for rich text and web page items and other parsed documents with no viewer configured to display in the text editor) and item notes of search result items will be highlighted.


Note: Highlighted rich text items are not editable (otherwise, the highlighting would become a permanent part of the text formatting).  To edit a highlighted text item, choose Item | Edit Text on the menu.


Continue highlighting after selection change in tree: If checked, continues highlighting search terms in item text even after a different item is selected in the Data Explorer or Search panes.


Quick Search

Incremental search delay when typing: When entering search criteria while in Quick Search mode, Ultra Recall will automatically execute the search after you revise the criteria after this delay setting.  If this delay value is set to 0 milliseconds, no automatic search execution will occur (you can manually invoke execution with the Start button).

Default Value: 700 milliseconds


Maximum items in Quick Search combo: The entry field for Quick Searches remembers the last search searches you use, up to the maximum number specified here.  As you enter new searches over the maximum limit, the oldest searches entered is discarded, keeping only the last specified number.

Default Value: 50

Note: Clicking the Remove All button will erase the list currently remembered criteria entries and start over.


Enable auto-completion in edit control (requires restart): If this box is checked, Ultra Recall will auto-complete what you are typing (from the values that are remembered in the combo as set with Maximum items in Quick Search combo).

Note:  If this value is changed, a restart is required for it to take effect.


Perform phrase match by default: If this option is checked, all quick searches and Contains Keyword advanced searches will automatically be converted to a phrase search (surrounded in "double quotes" automatically).


Match anywhere in word by default: If checked, all quick searches and Contains Keywords and Matches Wildcard advanced searches will have asterisks (*test* *another* if the previous option is unchecked or "*test another*" if checked) added to each word in the search term, and a Matches Wildcard search will performed to match each word (at the beginning [testing], end [fastest] or middle [contested]) within item text, notes, and attributes.  With this option unchecked, quick searches match only at the beginning of a word.  Note that this does not use an indexed search and can be slow.


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