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Item Details Pane

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The Item Details Pane is the pane that displays the primary information of the Info Item.  To go to the Item Details pane, select View | Item Details on the menu or press Ctrl+2.  The Item Details pane can display a wide range of information types:


Internal Browser Viewer allows display and editing of web content, Office documents and PDF files, and direct browsing (in conjunction with the Web Toolbar).
Contact Editor provides a convenient way to view and modify common attribute values for Contact Info Items.
Form Viewer provides for viewing and editing of item attributes in form fields.
Rich Text Editor displays and edits rich text.
Mime Viewer allows viewing of email and other mime content (such as news group posts).
Search Criteria Editor allows searches (both Quick and Advanced Searches) to be defined and executed.
Text Document Editor displays and edits plain text.
Image Viewer displays images.
Other document types can be configured for editing externally in their associated application.


The image below shows the Item Details Pane displaying the Browser Viewer (showing the Google Web Search Info Item):





When the Item Details Pane is displaying the contents of a stored document, [Stored] will be present in the Title before the title of the Info Item at the top of the Pane.
To prevent a document item from being displayed in the configured viewer, hold down the Alt key when selecting the item in the selection pane.
If no viewer is configured for a document (or Alt is held down), Ultra Recall is able to parse the document's text, and the option to show item text for documents without a viewer is checked, the document's text will be displayed read-only in the Rich Text Editor.


How to access:

Menu Bar: View | Item Details
Keyboard: Ctrl+2


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