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Each Info Item has specific characteristics which are recorded in Ultra Recall as one or more constituent Attributes (similar to database columns).  An Attribute has a unique name plus a category, type and additional properties.  An Attribute is defined once but can be assigned to many Info Items (but only once per Info Item).


Attributes for the selected item(s) can be created and modified using the Item Attributes Pane, viewed in the Related Items pane, and searched on using an Advanced Search.


Attributes are a convenient way to persist the different characteristics of Info Items in an organized, searchable way. Attributes can add structure to an Ultra Recall Info Database. Attributes can be searched for existence and for value, and can be used to sort the Info Items displayed in the Related Items Pane.


There are two different groups of Attributes:

System Attributes: these are either maintained by the Ultra Recall application or are required for internal use.
User Attributes: these can be created, modified and/or deleted by the user.


Each Attribute has several properties which are edited with the Attribute Editor.  Each Attribute stores data of a particular Attribute Type.  In the Item Attributes Pane, custom editors are provided for the different Attribute Types.


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