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Toolbars are the groups of graphic and/or text buttons that provide direct access to Ultra Recall functionality with the mouse.


Here is the Standard toolbar (which provides direct access to core Ultra Recall functionality):




By hovering the mouse over a button of a toolbar, a tool tip will be displayed that gives additional detail about what that particular toolbar button does when depressed.  Click on a toolbar button to invoke the related feature.


To display or hide a toolbar, either right-click on the menu bar or a toolbar, then click on the toolbar to show or hide, or choose View | Toolbars | <toolbar name> on the menu.


Default Toolbars:

Standard Toolbar
View Toolbar
Database Toolbar
Color Toolbars
Favorites Toolbar
Flag Toolbar
Insert Child/Sibling Toolbars
Layouts Toolbar
Tree Toolbar
Item Toolbar
Format Toolbar
Web Toolbar


Toolbars are very configurable and can be customized in various ways:

Buttons can be Added or Removed
New Toolbars can Created and existing Toolbars can be Deleted



All program features are also available on the menu bar, and most of them also have keyboard shortcuts defined.
As you can see from the Standard Toolbar above, not all the icons are in color.  When the icon is 'greyed out', it means that button is currently not clickable.  This is because the related feature is not available based on where the focus currently is.


Note: Some menus and toolbar items can also be "torn off" (by dragging and dropping the top part of the menu) and converted to toolbars.


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