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Import Options

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The Import tab of the Options dialog configures settings related to Importing information into Ultra Recall.


Automatically import clipboard changes: If checked, data that is copied or cut to the clipboard (from any application) will automatically be imported.


Import clipboard contents hot key: The checked boxes and entered character define a keyboard shortcut that import the current clipboard contents into Ultra Recall (defaults to Ctrl+Win+V).  This can be useful for copying and pasting into Ultra Recall from another application without leaving that application -- simply press Ctrl+C to copy the desired text, HTML, URL, Explorer file(s) or folder(s), etc., then press this hot key to import that information into Ultra Recall.  The options below determine where the items will be imported and whether or not the contents of imported documents will be stored.


Choose location when importing or pasting from other applications: If checked, when importing from other applications (via the import hot key above, Internet  Explorer and Outlook toolbars, Firefox and Thunderbird/Postbox extensions, Explorer send to menu, command-line, etc.), the Link/Move/Copy Dialog will be displayed to choose the location to import to.


Insert imported items at bold [or selected] item in Data Explorer pane: If checked, new imported items will be added as children to the bold/selected Info Item in the Data Explorer Pane.  If not checked, new imported items will be added as children of the Imported Items system Info Item.


Store contents when importing or syncing files, web pages, and Outlook items: If checked, documents, web pages, or Outlook items that are imported or synchronized will default to having their contents stored.


Identify and process URLs in clipboard text: If checked, and one or more URLs are detected in the clipboard text when importing/pasting, each URL will be imported as a separate Info Item.  If not checked, all text will simply be imported as a single Info Item for the text.


Prefer text/rich text clipboard formats: If checked, text and rich text formats on the clipboard will be used when pasting or importing even if other formats such as HTML, URL, and MIME are available.


Append to current item: If checked, data that is imported, dropped, or pasted will be appended to the current item (if text or rich text is imported and a text item is selected).


Split text on separator: If checked, when importing, dropping, or pasting text, the imported text will be split on the below separator text and a separate text item will be created for each one.


Separator text for appending/joining/combining/splitting: If Append to current item is checked, when splitting, joining or combining text items, or when importing, dropping, or pasting text with the Split text on separator option checked, the text in this field will be use to separate or combine the appended/joined/combined/split text.


Select last item after importing: If checked, after importing information into Ultra Recall, the last imported item will be selected in the tree.