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Store Contents

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When an Info Item based on a Document Template Group is created or imported, you have the option of actually storing the contents of the document within the Ultra Recall Info Database.


Storing the actual document in your Info Database provides many advantages:

Make remote documents available even when you are off-line
Preserve a web page or other remote document even if it disappears, moves or changes
Have one copy of the document that can easily be transported or multi-linked using Logical Linking
Protect access to the document with an Encrypted Info Database
Efficient storage of compressible documents due to Ultra Recall's automatic document compression


The Stored Contents button StoreContentsButton, placed by default in the Item Toolbar, will be depressed when a document Info Item has been stored.  You can easily toggle the Stored Contents status of any Info Item based on a template from the Document Template Group by clicking this button.


Other indications that an Info Item contains a stored document:

1.[Stored] will be appended to the title displayed at the top of the Item Details Pane.
2.The existence of the Document Size attribute.


You can toggle the Stored Contents status of multiple Info Items by re-importing them the desired way when you use the Create logical linked items for duplicate URLs option.  See Folder Synchronization, Import Files and Import a folder for details on re-importing.


Depending on the document type, the document can be configured for editing within Ultra Recall or opened externally in its associated application.


If an item's document is not stored in Ultra Recall, it is linked to the original file or web page.  A linked item can be edited within Ultra Recall if Allow internal editing of linked documents option on the Document Options page is checked.


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