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Item Keywords Dialog

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The Item Keywords Dialog is used to view, tag, and search on user-defined keywords and to view or delete auto-generated keywords.




User-Defined Keywords


The User-defined keywords section is used to view or assign keywords (also called tags, categories, or labels) for all selected items.


The list displays all user-defined keywords used in the current database, with a check mark next to keywords that are assigned to the current selection.

To assign an existing keyword, either check its checkbox and click Check/Uncheck.
To assign a new keyword, type the keyword (a word or phrase) and click Add or press Enter.
To unassign a keyword, uncheck it.
To unassign all keywords for all selected items, click Uncheck All.


To quickly find all items having a given keyword, double-click on the word or select the word and click Search.  You can also search on multiple keywords via a search item.


Auto-Generated Keywords


As information is added to Ultra Recall, new Info Items are created, and all relevant words in the data are identified and assigned as auto-generated Item Keywords to each Info Item. Searches can be performed to find all items with one or more keywords.


You can view or delete auto-generated keywords using the buttons next to the auto-generated keyword list.


Note: This list will always be empty if full-text search enhancements are enabled (the full text is stored instead of individual keywords).


How to access:

Menu Bar: Item | Keywords...
Keyboard: Ctrl+K


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