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Browser Options

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The Browser tab of the Options dialog configures settings concerning how and what web and related content are displayed with Ultra Recall.


Web Browser / Explorer View

Launch shortcuts in external browser window by default: When checked, Ultra Recall will always open web shortcuts that are clicked in an external browser (the default browser on your system).


Note: This includes URLs entered in the Web Toolbar.


Reuse existing browser window when opening links externally: When checked, Ultra Recall will reuse an existing browser window when launching URLs externally.  Otherwise, Ultra Recall will always create a new browser instance.


Block browser popup windows in internal browser: When checked, the internal browser will block popup windows from being displayed or navigated to in Ultra Recall.  Otherwise popup windows will not be blocked in the internal browser.


Block dialogs in internal browser: When checked, dialogs initiated by the internal browser will not be displayed.  If unchecked, browser dialogs will be displayed.


Process link clicks internally: If checked, links that are clicked on in the internal browser will be processed by Ultra Recall.  This enables features like Ctrl+click to open a link in a new tab, etc.  Unchecking this option disables that functionality, but it may be needed for links on some dynamic web pages to work properly.


Prevent browser window from stealing focus: If set to Always or Documents only and the related focus options are unchecked, focus will be restored to the active pane after a page (if set to Always) or document (if set to Always or Documents only) loads in the browser pane and takes the focus (some web pages and also documents editors for Office and PDF documents may steal focus when loaded in the internal browser view).


File extensions to display in internal browser view: Files with extensions in this list will be displayed in the Internal Browser View.


Note: If an Info Item has a URL that is a folder, adding *folder to this list will cause Ultra Recall to display the folder's contents when that item is selected (if the Info Item doesn't already contain some rich text in the Item Details Pane).


Explorer view mode: This setting affects how the Internal Browser View will display in used in Windows Explorer mode.  Examples are .zip and *folder when these are included in the File extensions to display in internal browser view.


Web Address Toolbar Combo

Combo box width: This setting allows you to customize the width of the Web Toolbar.


Maximum items in drop-down list: The Web Toolbar remembers the previously entered URLs, up to the maximum number specified here.  As you enter new URLs over the maximum limit, the oldest URLs entered are discarded, keeping only the last specified number.


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