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New Features in Ultra Recall Version 5

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Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Server 2012/2016/2019 compatibility.


Office 2013 & 2016 (32-bit edition) compatibility.


Customization of item flags.


Command to show or hide completed items.


Ability to lock items to prevent editing (extends search lock feature to all items and also prevents editing of item attributes).


Option to use phrase search by default.


Option to match words anywhere by default.


Command to show or hide completed items.


Command to move text up or down in text editor.


Option to append to current item when importing from clipboard.


Option to collapse trees when opening database.


Option to select last imported item after importing.


Option for whether to show leaf items in tree.


Option to show expandable indicator in Related Items pane to indicate items with children.


Command to create manual keyword for the selected text (Item | Keyword Selected Text on the menu).


Commands to change rich text editor or web browser zoom level (View | Zoom on the menu).


Option to display full path of database file.


Option to choose which favorites to show in Favorites toolbar.


Command to search for selected text.


Command to disable/enable word wrap in rich text editor.


Command-line flag to open database in read-only mode.


Don't highlight spelling in read-only items


Support unchecking Match whole words search option with full-text search enabled (alternative to *word*).


Support additional operators when searching on Keywords (user-defined) attribute in Advanced search.


Improved parsing of imported and linked files in style sheets when importing web pages.


Support for 256-bit AES encryption.


Send IE11 user-agent string instead of IE7 when importing web pages.


Handle internal link between databases in same folder if link path not found (both databases were moved).


Support pasting or drag/drop of bitmap on clipboard into Data Explorer pane to create image document.


Support pasting or drag/drop of file as image from Windows Explorer or other file manager into text editor.


Format | Highlight command toggles highlighting.


Double-clicking tab on Item Details pane closes tab.


Increase maximum number of favorites (50 -> 200) and databases (25 -> 100) shown in toolbars and menus.


Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.