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Internal Linking

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In addition to logically linking within the Data Explorer pane, internal links to other Info Items (in the same or other databases), including the cursor position in text items, can be added to the content of any Text item in an Ultra Recall Info Database by

1.Copying and pasting or dragging and dropping an item from the Data Explorer pane, Search pane, or Related Items pane into the text editor. Note: To create a link with anchor (that will restore the current cursor position), select Copy Internal Link Anchor on the Edit menu, or focus the Data Explorer pane and copy (Ctrl+C), then paste into the text editor of another item.
2.By linking via the Link/Move dialog while focus is in the details pane (if the related option is enabled).


Clicking on the internal link (or pressing the keyboard shortcut to open the link) will navigate to that item.



Internal links are not included in an item's parents as tracked by Ultra Recall.
If the item an internal item is linked to is permanently deleted, the internal link will still remain but not work.
Internal links require registration of the ur URL protocol, which is done by the installer but not the portable version.


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