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Phrase Search

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Ultra Recall stores the text of every Info Item (including linked/stored documents) for fast Info Item recall.


Full-Text Search Enhancements Enabled


If full-text search enhancements are enabled, full phrase searching is supported by surrounding the phrase "in double quotes."  The following search features are also available:

1.The NOT prefix can be used to exclude items containing specific words.
2.NEAR can be used to find two words near each other.
3.Parentheses are supported for complex search expressions.
4.A Relevance attribute is also available for display in the Search Results pane.


Note: AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR must be capitalized to be treated as logical operators.



Full-Text Search Enhancements Disabled


If full-text search enhancements are disabled, the index does not fully accommodate true Phrase Searching since it doesn't record the position or count of the keywords stored.  Most phrase searches are optimized by first searching the keyword index.  The main exception is searching for symbols (or numbers when not keywording digits), which requires an Extended Phrase Search.


Optimized Phrase Search (normal): Either a Quick Search or an Advanced (Item) Contains Keywords Search with a double-quoted criteria will perform a phrase search (i.e., "my phrase here").

Note:  If the specified criteria contains no keywordable text (such as a numeric criteria when digits are not being keyworded), then a partial Phrase Search will be executed - only attribute values and user-defined keywords will be searched for the phrase.


Extended Phrase Search (less efficient but comprehensive): If the criteria you enter would not be keyworded by Ultra Recall (mostly symbols or digits when numbers are not being keyworded) or you have items which are not keyworded, an Extended Phrase Search is required to accomplish a true phrase search.  Use these steps to define and execute an Extended Phrase Search:
1.Switch to an Advanced Search
2.Enter a criteria of Item Text Matches Wildcard *phrase to search*
3.Add additional criteria rows as desired (to further refine your search)
4.Click on Start (you can cancel the search via the Esc key or the Stop button on the View Toolbar)

Note: This search can be fairly slow since each Item will be re-parsed for the underlying plain text and then phrase searched individually - performance can be enhanced by limiting the items searched with a Limited Search.


Note: Phrase Searching is not available in the Viewer version of Ultra Recall with full-text search enhancements disabled.


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