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View Menu

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The View menu contents:


Menu Actions

Action Descriptions

Data Explorer

Focus the Data Explorer Pane

Item Details

Focus the Item Details Pane

Child* Items

Focus the Related Items Pane

* the menu entry changes to reflect the current caption of the Related items Pane

Other Windows

Show the Other Windows sub-menu

Other Windows | Search

Focus the Search Pane

Other Windows | Item Attributes

Focus the Item Attributes Pane

Other Windows | Item Notes

Focus the Item Notes Pane

Other Windows | Item Parents

Focus the Item Parents Pane

Other Windows | Form Details

Focus the detail area of a form

Other Windows | Web Address

Focus the Web Toolbar

Other Windows | Calendar

Display/focus the Calendar Pane

Other Windows | Next Pane

Focus the next Pane

Other Windows | Previous Pane

Focus the previous Pane

Other Windows | Close Current Pane

Close the current Pane

Other Windows | Toggle Auto hide

Toggle Auto hide for the current Pane

Other Windows | Toggle Floating/Docked

Toggle the current Pane between Floating and Docked


Stop current processing (for example, stop retrieving a web page)


Reload the Dependent Panes for the currently selected Info Items

Scroll To Top

Make the topmost selected item the first visible Info Item in the Data Explorer Pane

Collapse or Expand

Collapse or Expand the current Info Item to show/hide its child items in the Data Explorer Pane (when Data Explorer Pane is selected and children exist)

Show Flagged Items

Determines whether items with a Flag attribute value (as specified in Flag Properties) are shown


Toggle whether Item Attributes are displayed categorized or not (in the Item Attributes Pane, only when it is selected)


Toggle alphabetic sorting on/off for the current Pane.

Show Header

Turn the header in the Item Attributes Pane on/off (enabled when Item Attributes Pane is focused)


Increases or decreases the zoom level in the rich text editor or internal browser view


Show the Toolbars sub-menu (you can toggle each toolbar on/off from the displayed sub-menu)

Status Bar

Toggle the display of the Status Bar (checked = yes, unchecked = no)


Switches between the available Layouts

Choose Columns

Displays dialog allowing the Related Items Pane columns to be customized


Note: The Layout menu item can be "torn off" (by dragging and dropping the top part of the menu) and converted to a toolbar.