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Tree Options

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The Trees tab of the Options dialog configures settings that are related to the different tree displays used in Ultra Recall.  These include:

Data Explorer Pane
Search Pane



Show tree lines: If checked, tree lines will be displayed, otherwise they won't be.

Default Value: checked


Show item flag icon in tree (requires restart): If checked, the status icon (if assigned) will be displayed next to the regular Icon.

Note: If this value is changed, a restart is required for it to take effect.


Show leaf items in tree: If unchecked, items with no children will not be displayed in the Data Explorer or Search Pane and will only be displayed in the Related Items pane (Child Items or Search Results).  If checked, all items with children will be displayed in the tree.

Note: Even when unchecked, all immediate children of the root item (My Data or My Searches), as well as Search items, will be displayed (even if they have no children).



Collapse all when opening database: If checked, all items in the Data Explorer and Search panes will be collapsed when opening an Info Database.


Scroll horizontally on selection change to keep text visible: As more information is added to an Info Database, the width of the titles in these Panes can require significant scrolling to keep them in view during navigation.  If this box is checked, Ultra Recall will scroll the selection horizontally automatically as the selection changes to maximize display of Info Item titles.


Expand children when going to item: If checked, an Info Item is expanded when it you go to it from a different Pane (ie. Related Items Pane).


Scroll item to top of tree when going to item: If checked, Ultra Recall will automatically scroll to place the first selected Info Item to the top of the tree to maximize the display of pertinent Info Items when going to an Info Item.

Single-click to expand an item: If checked, Info Items will expand with a single click.  Dbl-clicking Info Items will always expand/collapse or clicking on the +/- symbol, regardless of whether this box is checked.


Collapse siblings when expanding an item: If checked, all siblings of the item being expanded by double-clicking (or single-clicking if the above option is checked) or clicking Enter will automatically collapse.  This sibling auto collapse will also occur for other navigation, such as selecting a favorite, opening a reminder, etc.  Even when this option is enabled, using the + button (or the right arrow key) to expand an Info Item will not trigger this behaviour. This feature can be helpful in minimizing tree clutter.


Alphabetically sort when adding children to new items: If checked, new child items inserted under an item without children will be sorted alphabetically.  If unchecked, new child items inserted under an item without children will be ordered manually (order of creation).  Existing siblings can be sorted to sort alphabetically (or reverse  alphabetically) or moved up or down to order manually.


Insert at top/above when inserting child/sibling in manually ordered list: If checked, a new child or sibling item inserted in an item with children that are manually ordered (moved up or down) will be inserted at the top of the list instead of the bottom, or above the selected item.


Select parent item after delete: If checked, the parent item of the first deleted item will be selected afterwards.  If unchecked, the remaining item at the position of the first deleted item will be selected after deleting.