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Grid Options

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The Grids tab of the Options dialog configures settings that are related to the different grid displays used in Ultra Recall.  These include:

Data Explorer Pane
Search Pane
Related Items Pane
Item Attributes Pane


Explorer Tree / Search Tree / Child Items

Use flag colors for item text color (requires restart): If checked, the Item Title for each Info Item will use a text color matching the status color.

Note: Changes to this box will not take effect until Ultra Recall is restarted.


Wrap long cell text (requires restart): If checked, all grid/tree panes will wrap long cell text (longer than can be displayed) to multiple rows (up to 9 rows of text per cell).  If not checked, a horizontal scroll bar is available, and a tool tip will display the entire text (if too long to be fully displayed) when hovered over.


Child Items / Selected Items / Search Results:

Full row select: If checked, the full row will always be selected, otherwise only the first column indicates selection.


Display grid lines: If checked, grid lines will be displayed.  Otherwise no grid lines are visible.


Show expandable indicator for items with children: If checked, items with children will have a +/- button or triangle displayed on the left, and clicking on this button will select the item in the tree.


Item Attributes

Show column header: If checked, a Column header will be displayed as the top row in the Item Attributes Pane.


Categorize attributes (sort alphabetically if unchecked): If checked the Attributes displayed in the Item Attributes Pane will be categorized (then sorted alphabetically), otherwise they will just be sorted alphabetically).


Automatically sync documents when URL attribute is changed: If checked, Info Items based on the Document Template Group will automatically synchronize when the URL Attribute value is changed (to a valid URL).


Item Parents

Expand all parents when loading: If checked, all levels of parents (parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, etc.) will be expanded when loading the Item Parents Pane.