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New Features in Ultra Recall Version 4

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Microsoft Windows 7 compatibility.


Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit edition) compatibility.


Highlight search matches.


Step through search matches (Go menu).


Full-text search enhancements.


HTML export.


Sorting in the Data Explorer pane detects and sorts by dates and numeric values.


Syntax coloring text editor for source code files.


Filter advanced search with additional quick search text.


Internal link anchors.


Additional tree hoisting options.


Collapse Tree command to collapse entire tree.


Postbox compatibility.


Tab enhancements (Lock tab title and Go to locked item).


Support drag/drop and copy/paste from UR into applications accepting URLs.


Set tab stops and indent size in rich text and text document editor (Format | Tabs on menu).


Delete logical links from Item Parents pane.


Paste Multiple Lines command: Edit | Paste Special | Paste Text One Item Per Line in Data Explorer pane creates one item per line of text on clipboard.


Import delimited data from clipboard.


Option to automatically import clipboard content.


If Tools | Options | Import | Choose location when importing or pasting from other applications is checked, show import dialog without showing main UR window.


Toggle display of forms (View | Other Windows | Show Forms on menu).


Ability to set boldness and italics of custom fonts.


Delete Line command: Edit | Cut or Ctrl+X in rich text editor with no selection deletes (cuts) current line.


Double-click (or pressing Enter) on an item in Data Explorer pane without children opens document (equivalent to Item | Open Document on menu).


Don't update Related Items pane scroll position while loading pane or if user scrolls, selects, or cancels while loading pane.


Maintain position in Related Items pane after deleting item(s).


Option to make selection more obvious.


Copy Form command (Edit | Copy Form) separates form values with tab instead of space and includes empty values.


Update item Date Accessed attribute when skipping duplicate URL during import.


Enable renaming of system attributes.




Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.