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By assigning a password to an Info Database, Ultra Recall will encrypt the Info Database file (using 256-bit AES encryption), making the contents inaccessible without providing the assigned password.  The longer the password provided, the more secure your data becomes.


WARNING: Once an Info Database has been encrypted with a password, you must use this password to gain access to the file, passwords can NOT be recovered from an encrypted .urd file!


Note: Prior to Ultra Recall v5.4, RC4 encryption was used to encrypt the database content.  To utilize AES encryption instead of RC4 (which is no longer considered secure) for databases created in earlier versions, remove the password from existing databases and then assign a new password.  After conversion to AES encryption, the file cannot be opened by older versions of Ultra Recall.


Note: Additional processing is necessary to read and write an encrypted Info Database, which can modestly degrade the performance of Ultra Recall.


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Note: Available in Professional edition only.