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New Features in Visual Build Version 9

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Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 compatibility


Modeless properties pane for editing step and macro properties


Support for Visual Studio 2017 and Team System 2017


Support for Visual Studio 2015 and Team System 2015


Build profiles to choose which sets of steps to build


Elapsed time column


Command to open a Command Prompt or console to the selected folder


Option to remember previous step selections when opening projects


Support drag/drop from Windows Explorer onto Step Properties dialog controls


Support code completion in Script Editor in 64-bit edition


Add step number column to Step Panes


Option to format Watches pane values


Options to cache writes to text and XML log (enabled by default)


Script event when loading a project


Include macro type in Action column of Step panes for Set Macro action


Save encrypted properties and macros using AES-256 algorithm


Object model: 1) Make Step.Action property writeable; 2) new option related to SyncBuildEx; 3) Step.Property2 property for setting encrypted values; 4) Options.PsExecCmd property.


Hide actions for products that are not installed by default (to show all hidden actions, right-click in the Actions pane and choose Show Hidden)


Additional options when specifying credentials for processes


Options to configure timeout when expanding macros and script


Custom action screens and components for more products and enhancements to existing actions:

       * File processing actions: 1) performance improvements and 2) automatic support for extended-length paths

       * .NET Core (new)

       * 7-Zip

       * Advanced Installer

       * Amazon (new)

       * Azure (new)

       * Copy Files

       * Delete Files

       * DeployMaster

       * Docker (new)

       * Doc-O-Matic

       * Doc-To-Help

       * Document! X

       * Dr.Explain

       * Enhanced Zip Files

       * Enhanced Unzip Files

       * Fast-Help

       * Flare

       * FTP

       * Git

       * Gradle

       * Help & Manual

       * HelpNDoc

       * HelpStudio

       * Inno Setup

       * InstallAnywhere

       * InstallAware

       * InstallShield

       * Loop

       * Manifest Generator (new)

       * Make Delphi / C++Builder / RAD Studio

       * Make VS 2015 (new)

       * Make VS 2017 (new)

       * Mercurial

       * Multilizer

       * MSBuild

       * NDepend

       * Node Package Manager (new)

       * NuGet

       * NUnit

       * Perforce

       * Plastic SCM

       * PowerShell

       * Process Files

       * PureCM

       * Read File

       * Read INI

       * Read Registry

       * Read XML

       * RoboHelp

       * Run Program

       * Run SQL

       * Set File Attributes

       * Service

       * SetupBuilder

       * Sign Code

       * SourceAnywhere

       * StarTeam

       * Surround SCM

       * Transform XML Log

       * Vault

       * Virtual Box

       * VMware Player

       * VMware Workstation




Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.