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New Features in Visual Build Version 8

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64-bit (x64) editions of GUI app, console app, and object model


Windows 8 and Server 2012 compatibility


Support for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013


Show build progress, pause, and failure in Windows taskbar (Windows 7 and later)


Option to save project files in compressed, encrypted format (.bldx extension)


Option to fail overall build if any steps failed (but continued) during build


Ability to specify an edit password to allow a project to be built but not modified without the password


Specify the log level separately for the console app, GUI app, and XML and text log files


Honor text log file options for console app output


Options to configure behavior of the Go to step dialog for easier navigation in large projects


Option to play a sound when stopping at a breakpoint


Separate build status for terminated actions


Support nesting of Loop and Process Files actions


Honor retry option when step build status set to failure in vbld_StepDone script event


Make Call Stack accessible to scripting


Allow renaming and deleting of categories in Macros pane


Improved performance when building many iterating steps in GUI app


Reduced file size when saving project files


Version-independent ProgIds for the object model (Application and Builder)


Custom action screens and components for more products and enhancements to existing actions:

       * AccuRev

       * Advanced Installer

       * App Packager

       * Create Folder

       * DeployMaster

       * Doc-To-Help

       * Document! X

       * Enhanced Unzip Files (new)

       * Enhanced Zip Files (new)

       * Exit

       * File Checksum

       * Flare

       * Gradle (new)

       * Help & Manual

       * Helpinator

       * HelpNDoc (new)

       * HelpStudio

       * HTTP

       * Hyper-V (new)

       * IIS Virtual Dir

       * InstallAnywhere

       * InstallAware

       * InstallMate

       * InstallShield

       * Make Delphi / C++Builder / RAD Studio

       * Make VS 2010

       * Make VS 2012 (new)

       * Make VS 2013 (new)

       * Map Drive

       * Maven

       * Mercurial

       * MSBuild

       * Multilizer

       * NAnt

       * NDepend

       * NSIS

       * NuGet (new)

       * NUnit

       * Parallels (new)

       * Perforce

       * Plastic SCM

       * PowerShell

       * PureCM

       * Read XML

       * RoboHelp

       * Run Program (run remote command with elevation)

       * Run SQL

       * Service

       * Setup Factory

       * SetupBuilder

       * Sign Code

       * Sisulizer

       * SourceAnywhere

       * StarTeam

       * Subversion

       * Surround SCM

       * Team Concert

       * Team Foundation

       * Telnet

       * Transform XML Log

       * Vault

       * VirtualBox (new)

       * VMware Workstation

       * Web Deploy

       * Windows Installer

       * WiX

       * Write INI

       * Write XML




Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.