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The Display tab of the user options dialog is used to configured display settings.


Full row select: Causes the entire grid row to be selected instead of the first column only


Grid lines: Displays grid lines in step, macro, and script tabs.


Tree lines: Displays connecting lines for items in the step and macro panes.


Underline hot items: Causes the item that the mouse hovers over in a grid to be underlined.


Show macro tool tips: Toggles the display of tool tips throughout the application.


Max characters: Specifies the maximum length of text to display in a tool tip (will truncate longer text and add ... to the end of tool tip).  Windows may display a flickering tool tip with very long tool tip text, and this setting can be used to prevent flickering.


Show tool tips while building: Determines whether tool tips in the Step and Macros panes will be displayed during a build.


Automatically refresh panes while building: Determines whether the Macros, Call Stack, and Watches panes will automatically refresh during a build.  If unchecked, the panes will only be refreshed when a build pauses, completes, fails, aborts, or is explicitly refreshed via View | Refresh on the menu.


Sort Go to step dialog by step name: If checked, steps in the Go to step dialog will be sorted alphabetically.  If unchecked, steps will be sorted in the order displayed in the step pane.


Show only top-level steps in Go to step dialog: If checked, only top-level (and 2nd or 3rd level if only 1 or 2 top-level steps) steps will be displayed in the Go to step dialog.  If unchecked, all steps will be displayed.


Format Watches pane values: If checked, boolean properties in the Watches pane will be displayed as Yes/No rather than -1/0, a step's build status, rule comparison, and continue on failure properties will be formatted for display rather than showing the integer value.