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Change Password Dialog

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The Change Password dialog is accessed by choosing the Change Password item on the File menu.  It is used to set, change, or remove a user-defined key for encrypting protected data in the project file.


If the related option is enabled and no (blank) project password is specified, password step properties (properties in actions marked as containing a password) and encrypted macro values will be stored encrypted (using 256-bit AES encryption and a static initialization vector [or a unique initialization vector if the UniqueEncryptionIV application option is True]) by Visual Build with a custom private key when saved.  If a project password is specified in this dialog, encrypted values in the project file will also be encrypted with the user-provided key, and the key must be provided in order to open the project file.


Encrypted values are also obscured (displayed with asterisks if the related option is enabled) when displayed in the Step Properties dialog, Macro Properties dialog, Insert Macro dialog, Step Panes, or Macros Pane, when logged, and no tool tips are displayed for encrypted values.