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The General options tab of the user options dialog provides the following options:


Reload last project at startup: Determines whether the previously opened project is opened the next time Visual Build is started (ignored if a Visual Build project file is opened from Explorer or a filename is specified on the command-line).  Even if checked, reloading the last opened project can also be disabled by holding down Shift during startup.


Remember selected steps when reopening projects: If checked, the last selected steps will be reselected then next time a project is opened.


Show project properties when opening project: Determines whether the project comments dialog is displayed when a project is opened (only if comments have been entered for that project).  Even if checked, the dialog is not displayed when Visual Build is called from the command-line to build a project.


Display full path of project file in title bar: If checked, displays full path and filename of the current document in the application title bar; if unchecked, displays the filename without path.


Reselect last selected action in Actions pane on startup: If checked, the last selected action in the Actions pane will be reselected when Visual Build starts.


Select text when focusing Actions pane edit control: If checked, the text in the Actions pane edit control will always be selected when focused.


Show application icon in system tray: Determines whether the Visual Build GUI adds a system tray icon when running.  The tray icon will indicate the current build status while building.  Double-clicking the system tray icon will activate that Visual Build instance (and unhide if minimized to the tray).  Right-clicking the system tray icon will display a menu of commands related to that Visual Build instance.


Minimize to system tray: If checked and the previous option is also checked, when the Visual Build main window is minimized, its Start menu entry will be removed.


Check for updates every x months: Specifies how often to check for application updates (enter 0 to disable update checking).  If enabled, the GUI app will check for updates at startup every # months specified (launching the update check in the default browser).