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Actions Pane

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This pane can be used to select an action for inserting a new step into a project or for creating and managing user actions.  It is accessed by choosing Edit | Insert or View | Actions on the menu bar.




Filter: The Filter field can be used to quickly filter the list to locate a specific action or category.  As text is entered, the action list is filtered to match only those actions or categories containing the typed text.  The up and down arrow keys can be used to navigate in the list while focus is in the Filter field.


Note: Individual actions and categories that are not used can also be hidden from the list by right-clicking on the action and choosing Hide (use Show Hidden to show all hidden actions) or via the View menu.


Clear: Clears the Filter field and repopulates the action list with all registered, unhidden actions.


Action list: A categorized list of available custom actions that have been registered and are not hidden.


Creating a Step

Double-click on a step or press Enter to insert a new step for the selected action into the current step pane.
An action can also be dragged and dropped or copied and pasted onto a step pane to create a new step for the action.