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New Features in Visual Build Version 10

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Windows Server 2019 compatibility


Support for Visual Studio 2019 and Team System / Azure DevOps Server 2019


File processing actions: Resize Exclude field in step properties dialog.


Networking actions: By default, use only TLS 1.2 and strong cipher suites for secure connections.


Custom action screens and components for more products and enhancements to existing actions:

       * Git

       * Gradle

       * HelpNDoc

       * Inno Setup

       * InstallAware

       * Make VB6

       * Make VS 2019 (new)

       * Node Package Manager

       * Plastic SCM

       * SetupBuilder

       * Surround SCM

       * Virtual Box

       * VMware Workstation

       * VMware Player




Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.