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DeployMaster Action

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This action creates a step to compile a DeployMaster project.  The project filename can be entered or browsed to and the executable can be located automatically.


Project filename: The filename of the DeployMaster project to compile (required).


Hide console window: Hides the console window from displaying (applies to v6 only when building with the console app).


Verbose output: If checked, logs all output to the console.  If unchecked, only headline messages, errors, and warnings are logged (applies to v6 only when building with the console app).


Override compiler executable filename: Determines if the compiler is located automatically or manually.  If unchecked, the full and filename to the compiler executable must be entered in the following field.  Use if multiple versions of the compiler are installed or to specify the executable file if the action is unable to.


This action has been tested with versions 2 thru 7 of DeployMaster and may also work with other versions.


Note: If Visual Build doesn't detect that this product is installed when first run, this action will not be displayed (existing steps will still be displayed in the Step panes and will build normally).  To show all hidden actions, right-click in the Actions pane and choose Show Hidden.