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Application Object

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Holds all project and configuration data for the Visual Build application and the current project.  The global Application item is available to all script code


ProgId: VisBuildSvr9.Application or VisBuildSvr.Application (version-independent)


Note: The Application component is an in-process server marked for threading of Both (STA or MTA).  If created from a GUI thread, any event handling in the calling code must marshal all events back to the GUI thread.




This Visual Basic 6.0 code demonstrates how to create an Application object and load a project:


       Dim app As VisBuildSvr.Application

       Set app = CreateObject("VisBuildSvr.Application")

       app.Project.Load "c:\test.bld"

       Debug.Print "Project Steps: " & app.Project.Steps(vbldStepMain).Count

       Debug.Print "Global Macros: " & app.Project.Macros(vbldMacroGlobal).Count




Context | Options | Project | Macros | Scripts | Steps




FindMacro | ExpandMacros | ExpandMacrosAndScript | Initialize | Uninitialize




MacroModified | ProjectModified | ProjectSaved | PromptMacroValue


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